Film Institution for my production

Here are the following options of film institution for my film production:

1) Hammer Production 


  • a British film production company based in London
  • Founded in 1943
  • best known for a series of Gothic ‘Hammer Horror’ in the mid 1950s-1970s
  • Later on, they start not only films but also TV comedies

Pros about Hammer Production

  • Was already said to be the dominator for horror films for early years
  • Have created really successful horror films such as The woman in black (2012)( click on the film title to go on it’s wikipedia )

Cons about Hammer Production 

  • Really unstable ( often sold to different investors )
  • even though it’s a good brand no one would invest it

2) Warner Brothers


  • is an American media company that makes film, television and music entertainment.
  • one of the major film studios

Props about Warner Brothers 

  • It is a really big company meaning that it’s a stable company comparing to Hammer Production.
  • Not only does it dominate horror films but other films of other genre too
  • Signed distribution partnership with Hammer Production.
  • Made successful horror blockbusters such as Annabelle,  The conjuring , A Nightmare elm street ( click on the movie name for their profile )

Cons about Warner Brothers 

They don’t dominate horror films as much as Hammer Production

My chosen Institution:


  • Even though Warner Bros doesn’t dominate the horror films industry it is a much more stable film company with stable investors.
  • It has also created such successful blockbuster that once again not only does warner bros  make good horror films but other genres’ too
  • Therefore, my chosen institution isn Warner Bros

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