Question One

Question One 

How Does My Product Use or Challenge Conventions and How Does It Represent Social Groups or Issues?

I Think that my product follow and uses the convention due to a few factors. Firstly, the plot for my production follows one of my chosen genre’s typical synopsis’ (All the sudden the character loses everything and turn into a person that they never wanted or thought to be.) Secondly, it also follows the stereotypical presentation of stock characters of any other horror films such as    “Mama” (2013) mama-posterand

The woman in black (2012)  00001159

-click on the films titles for the official movie trailer.  Which uses the woman as the character of the ghost due to tragic fatal flaw. Thirdly, a conventional effect of my chosen genre in the mise se scene is to use shadow to create tension, I follow this convention by the last shot of my production- the shadow I used is to create a sense of scariness without the actual ghost appearing in the mise se scene. Additionally, I also used loud non- diegetic sound to build suspense in the shot. Also, my film follows the conventional binary opposition of horror film which is good VS evil or human VS supernatural. However, despite all the factors above my production also challenge conventions of my chosen genre.

Conventionally, horror films often takes place in rural, isolated area; however, in my production it took place in the city. My production also do not follow the narration theory of propp, since my film does not even include a basic, vital  character for propp’s narrative theory which is the hero- the protagonist or the final girl.

I think that my production represents issue  , since my production is about the main character turning into something that she wasn’t and add to that she got replaced by a new person either with her boyfriend or friend which motivates her to take revenge. Often in life we experience or come across similar situation where we get replace or we have a thought of taking revenge; especially in teenage years where we are rather immature, aggressive and really into relationships . Therefore, I think that this can relates to my target group/ audience as well as my secondary audience.


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