Detailed account for the opening sequence of ” Stay With Me “

The opening sequence started off with Annie staying after school to finish her work and to study, with a cross editing of her hanging out and having a conversation with her friends. Then with a cut it leads us to her hanging out with her boyfriend in ” their secret place”- The Park which her boyfriend promised that he will love her forever. With another cut it then shows us  a collage of Annie’s personal pictures with a gradual change of speed of the pictures and the music, it then cut to the part where Annie waking up in her bed; stating that she felt un-describably weird.

She then tried to go back to places where she can find her friends and boyfriend, to figure why is she feeling this way. However, as she approach her friend; she noticed that her friend seem to not recognise her existence. So she walked away, feeling helpless. On her way home, she went through her and her boyfriend’s ” secret place ” – The Park and bumped into him hanging out with another girl. She ran to them and shouted at them, however again they seem to not notice her at all.

She ran home, breaking into tears. when she arrived home, she ran into washroom and on her way she grabbed a cutter. She cut her arm deeply while looking at the mirror. However, as she look in the mirror; she see no reflection of her self but only the cutter flowing.

She figured that something must had happened that night, which made her a ghost. And as a ghost she take revenge on her boyfriend who once told her that he will love her forever. Therefore Annie Wants him to stay with her.


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