Introduction video reflection

Click on this link to the introduction video that i’m referring to

The purpose of this video is to get use to using the editing programme- Adobe Premiere Pro CC, that i had never came across; as well as the  iMac and Mac Book Pro. During the process of the making of the video, I came across a few obstacles.  I found it hard to gather up all the information whilst editing them, without having a plan or a story board. Therefore, it resulted in lack of organisation in the final production; from that i have learned to make a plan/ story board  first before i plan to start a new  video. Then the video will end up the way i wanted and in an organised order.  In this video I chose to put a brief video of Hong Kong, without stating where it is; just to give a taste to the audience that I’m living in a city. Then I had added a few of my friends and my photos and a short sequence of me writing my name and drawing to present my characteristic.  However the quality of the pictures was not high, since all of them were send through my phone or the internet.  So next time starting up a new video i will be focusing on the quality as well as the  organisation of the overall of the video.


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