Pre- liminary video reflection

Here is the video that my reflection is referring to

The purpose of these tasks in the video was to learn to create different effects( an earthquake, a cliffhanger, The Cruel Sea and The disappearance ) with the use of the camera and editing.   During the filming I used tripod to help stabilising  the camera.

For the first effect – An earthquake- The purpose of this effect is to create a real life earthquake that’s going to and people are trying to  save themselves- I personally found this task easier than the others, however i really needed  to make my hand stable when holding the camera in order to create the right effect; while letting the  ball friction control lose to create the moving from left to right and right to left.

For the second effect- A cliffhanger- The purpose of this effect is to create an illusion of someone is hanging on a cliff. And to create this effect the camera have to be set in a 90 degrees angle, I personally found this the hardest; it was the thinking of how to create this effect by the cooperation of the position of the camera and the actor.  The whole planning of the task took me 17 minutes to think of how to create an efficient effect in a limited facility classroom.

For the third effect- The cruel Sea- The purpose of this effect is to create a feeling of someone in a boat going through big waves and probably a storm which make them to feel difficult standing in one place.  After filming the first take of this task, i noticed that i have made a big mistake. In order to create this effect while my actors are moving right i should be moving my camera to the opposite side- left, however for the first take of this effect i moved my camera the same way as the actors went. Which resulted in a weird outcome, however after i have figured out the solution; i re- took this task and the problem was then solved.

For the fourth effect- The disappearance- The purpose of this effect is to create a feeling of a sudden disappearance of an individual within a group.  This task is mostly about the editing of different shots in order to make them feeling like a continuous shot.

To sum up, the major error was finding another setting and planning of the shot. In the future i would plan better for my shot and find a better setting in order to create a better effect.


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