This parody was apart of my pre- liminary task and the purpose of this is  to follow the codes and conventions of the original edition, however also add some of my own elements in it.  There are a few obstacles that came across during the production of this, such as the lighting of the setting. During filming, i did not consider or thought that the lighting could be a concern; however since i started editing i realise the exposure of the video was too great that i had to use effects to make it darker.  Secondly, without the help of tripod the camera shot looked shaky.  Thirdly, because we have a limited facilities we were’t able to really perform a track shot using a track; instead we coordinate our body to try to achieve a tracking shot. Therefore it didn’t have a really good result.

In the future, I would be aware of my lighting in the setting that my filming is going to take place and to hold the camera in a better position so that it wouldn’t be shaky; to improve my production.


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