Divergent ( 2014 )

Divergent-2                                                                                           Divergent 


Hero- Four (Theo James)

Princess- Tris

Villain- Jeanine Matthews

Helper- Christian

Dispatcher- Toriwu

<The Todrov Theory>

a) Equilibrium- The society was working well with the fraction Abnegation as the government body and that the way of how the society works is to put similar type of people into the same fraction so there won’t be any conflict between really different people.

b) Action- Erudite is growing stronger in power and starting to unite with the other fractions( Dauntless, Amity ) and plan to invade Abnegation to take over the government work, as well as finding and killing all the divergent. Since the test and drugs don’t work for them and so erudite are scared that they can’t be control; that they can be dangerous to the system. Since Tris is a divergent and her father is the leader of the fraction Abnegation. They are both going to face a lot of challenge and trouble.

c) Resolution- After the help from Four for saving Tris and Abnegation, everything is peaceful again; However it’s not the same anymore. Since the government has collapsed and all the citizens got shock by what has happened and what has the government done to them. At the very end Four, Tris and a few others then became fraction -less.

<Binary opposition>

reality VS fantasy

fractions VS fractions

innocent VS  Evil


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